Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BGC#54 - Lets get Kiddish

Hello everybody

Just realized that the first half of the year is over and we are at our 54th challenge this month. How lovely is that!!!

This month we will be focussing on all the cuteness we have in our lives.

BGC #54 - Lets Get Kiddish

Guidelines : Make a project for a child. It could be a card, LO or any 3d project. But it should connect with a child in some way.
If you are making a card then use some form of pop up card or technique that would fascinate a child, or a hand drawn story book. a frame for your child or a name Plate for a child. The options are endless. and there is so much you can do 

We have a wonderful Prize sponsored by


Since I love quilling, I have tried to combine this challenge with some cute quilled pieces.

Well, I have made a clock with quilling animals and birds which can be used in a child's room

I have tried different animals and birds for every hour of the clock rather than using numbers. My two year old was pretty thrilled seeing this and he managed to recognise 11 out of 12 characters.... which makes me feel mission accomplished.

This is a working wall clock and will make a really nice gift for any child's room. 

I hope you like this project... Its different from the regular quilling I do but I totally enjoyed myself.

So get kiddish and have fun with this challenge. Let lose and give in to those childish instincts you have while still keeping your project clean and perfectly finished.

Have fun!!!




  1. Very Interesting !!Loved the cute quilled animals :) !

  2. Wow!!! That's fabulous! It should've taken a lot of time to do it! But looks lovely! :)

  3. Very cute clock Jovi!! Love the quilled animals!!!

  4. Aww !! how adorable is this quilled clock..It definitely adds the cuteness factor to any childs rooom ..I love all the quilled animals so much :)

  5. Okk ! i saw this when it was still raw and should say i really loveeeeee how it turned out !!! The framing and the clock hands give it a more profound look and im very intrigued by this idea.

  6. lovely quilled animals. Any kid wud jus love it

  7. Stunning wall Clock!!! All the quilling animals are very cute!! I love the idea of recognizing the animals through clock:0)

  8. Wow! such a supercute project!!!

  9. Super cool Jovi!!! Extremely innovative.. Loved it!! :)

  10. What a fabulous clock! Kids would love to have this in their room.

  11. Trying too add my link says link registration expired. . Wonder why?

  12. Is this contest still accting entries?

    1. No, it's closed. We have new challenge at the moment.


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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