Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winners day - BGC# 24

We had some amazing entries this time 
to our shabby chic challenge 
here are the top 3 in no particular order are


and the winner of a 500 INR voucher from crafters corner is 
20. Indira  

Lucky lucky !!!
Indira pls contact us at lightbox.c@gmail.com to claim your prize. 
 Congratulations gals !!!!
Please grab your respective badges from the side bar ! 

Good day all , Dont forget to doodle this time to enter our newest challenge 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whats Up Crafty ?

Hello everyone. It is now time for me to show you what I have been up to in my scrap booking and card making world in country Victoria, Australia.

I was visiting a friend of mine last week and she was playing with card stock and tissue paper. The work she was doing was just beautiful and I decided it was time for me to try this out.
As you can see by the picture below all you need is card stock, tissue paper and craft glue stick.

 Make sure that the tissue paper you tear off and scrunch up like the purple piece in the picture is bigger than the piece of card stock you want to put it onto. The reason being once it looks like the gold tissue paper in the picture it will be smaller.
Once you have scrunched it up then open it out carefully. Just like the gold piece pictured. The more you open it out the less wrinkles.
Cover your card stock with glue making sure you get to the edges and the hole section you want is covered good.
Press down in the corners to hold. You can now either cover with a piece of paper or turn it over. Pat down gently. If you pat or rub too hard you will not get the textured look. It is a case of working it till you get the look you need.

 I have included some cards and a layout that I have done this week to show how it can look. 
I hope you like them.

 The layout has the white tissue paper on it which had lovely little speckles of glitter on it.
I place it over bright red card stock. I hope this close up lets you see the effect a little better. 

On this card I used a soft purple. I love purple and pink. I think its because I have two boys and it is nice to use girl colors and not boy colors. LOL. Any color tissue paper works.

This card I made with a special girlfriend of mine in mind. I used a light blue tissue paper over white card stock. The flowers were a rub-on. I placed it on cream card stock and cut it out. Then using dimensions tabs put it on the card. I love cutting things out and it is just another way of using rub-ons

 Don't forget to keep your tissue paper from your presents and flowers now. There is a use for it. Not forgetting that when you buy tissue paper to wrap a present there is a use for the left over. Just head straight to your craft room and away you go.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at what I have been up to. Don't forget our latest challenge. It sure is a fun one. If you haven't had a go at tissue paper, give it a try. 
Till next time......Happy Crafting.

Brenda  XX

Saturday, February 16, 2013

BGC # 25 : Oodles of Doodles...

I'm sticking with you coz I'm made out of glue... ;)
Oh well...thats the reassurance I give to my blog friends..and to myself every time I do this vanishing spell..but I have a solid reason this time!!
Anyway thats that...what do we have here??? 

 "Oooodles of Dooodles..."

No...you don't count the O's ..you draw them. 
Ahaan...thats the challenge..and whats a challenge if it is not challenging enough right ??
Pull out your pens, pencils, markers, crayons and show us the doodles..
Never did it ?
No worries my lovely people ...
If you can write ...you can doodle !!
If you cannot write ...well then ..you still can doodle..!!
All I am saying...is...come up with something doodled...since I love saying doodles.. :D

What do we have here for you ?? :O

Yeah ...its a lucky boom ...right ?
The winner shall be duly rewarded by WHIMSY STAMPS.. 

Who are the sponsors for this challenge. 
Delicious right ??

What did the girls do ?? They doodled in oodles..
(try saying doodle in oodles five times :P fast enough) LOL ..Don't ..! just look at what the girls came up with.. 

Then she asks will this do?. We say this is some "real" doodling. Just two colours...and you have a perfect example of doodling ..
Think you can manage it now ?? 
Bren did a great job at it and the layout looks fantastic..it depicts the kindergarten with some child-like innocence..and scribbling. I love the "Riley"..

You need to hop over to her or request her to give you a tute on how she created this extremely playful background and the handwritten sentiment. Its so simple to look at but notice the symmetry in the asymmetrical hearts. Its fun, its simple, its mass-producible, its classy, its sophisticated and its made by Ebba... :) what more ..? 

Not just doodling but some fine fussy cutting were involved in the making of this cute card,  what more, even the sentiment is hand-written. The lone cloud adds to the adorability of the card :)...its raining love..

Oh Dear...I would break my neck if I ever try this fine doodling. I mean it takes hell lotta nerve and patience to draw the equidistant curves and also make them look gorgeous. Then add some dazzle with rhinestones and you can make waves in the crafting world ..ehh? :P 
Perfection Poo ..

 Thats some tree...the doodle adds the charm, the context, the shelter and even lures the audience!
You rock Snehal...with the imagination you have.. its an exquisite card and I love the stamping in between. Extremely loveable. 

Who did'nt know what to do..so she poured her heart out with a henna design! 


Well....we are waiting for her :) 
Dude...I am bowled over to see this card. Lord..I am simply amazed at it.
The colour combination is striking but what I love the most is the doodling. I simply adore the focal image and to say it is doodled..well!!
People thats what we mean when we say "oodles of doodles" :D

Anyway let's just say ...this is either the simplest of all challenges or its the worst of the lot ..but YOU GOTTA PLAY IT TO KNOW IT ....
Pour in your entries. 
Spread the word....do something about the ooodles of doodles....or doodle in oodles :P


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whats up crafty ?

Hey guys ! Hope eveyone is doing great !
I know all of u must be going on top speed preparing for a romantic Valentines day 
So im just gonna quickly share 
what is cooking on my crafting table

Here is my Valentines day recycle project . 
 I will be posting more details of this project on my blog soon :)

 Its basically a hanger reused to create a wall hanging :) 

I took whole day yesterday for this. So many permutations combinations to the whole setting :) 
Please let me know your thoughts :)  
PS: Do check out all the supplies i have used in this project.

Supplies : 



Friday, February 1, 2013

BGC#24- Shabby Chic Love

Hi everyone . 
Welcome back to another great year full of card challenges !
I know you were waiting for us to start on our new challenges
So without further ado lets kick start the 1st challenge of 2013
which is 
"Shabby Chic Love " 

So since valentines day is round the corner we dare you to make a 
"Shabby chic" Love - card / layout or a paper craft project . 

 So what is shabby chic ? 
Shabby Chic is a style and it reflects a timeless and vintage quality that draws on so many sources and inspirations that combine the new with the old .
The style originates from England, combining the flower prints of Victorians, polka dot spotty tea sets and Bakelite objects from the 1950s. But it also is influenced by French country style.
Colors are always pastel shades (Pinks and blues used more often) sometimes with bright and bold reds, often set on a white, cream or calico background, in stripes, patterns and dots or simply floral patterns

So thats what its all about :) Hope the description will guide you better. 

We would love to welcome back our 
Premium sponsor this year 

So time to start the first ever inspirational parade of 2013 - Music please !! 

Introducing Snehal with her beautifully done flower pot card ! Dont u just love the laces and the distressing with so much thought gone into the theme.Love the flowers they are embossed vellum who would have thought ??

 Next up is Jovita ! Amazing creation here , Its a coupon box with an easel on top ! Love the use of dies and the pastel shades of the whole box. Very shabby chic ! The flowers and the little tags are just as beautiful as the box itself
 Its time for welcoming Brenda ! Now that's a pretty card ! Don't u just love how the flowers and the delicate meshed heart die with the lovely label just coordinate with each other ? The whole scene here is beautiful.
 Now comes in Ebba with an absolutely bang on card for the theme. I heart the sentiment on a ticket , the lace and the charm with the bow. The coloring is flawless (looks like we have a coloring star here!) Look at the flowers and the heart. So thoughtfully done ! :) 
Superb work !

Now please put your hands together for Lucille ! The card she has presented is again wonderfully set with our theme this week. I love the bow and the papers used here. The butterfly sure gives it a edge it needs. 

I made a gift box with a card this time. I tried to make the box look like a shabby chic mail box. The picture shows the front and the back of the box. 

 (Is Healing... from a dog bite)
Get well soon honey. All prayers with u!
Hope you liked our wonderful team's work . Please leave some love in the comments section :) and if you have time do visit the DT blogs :) they have a lot more to share.

So now let the challenge being in LOVE with shabby chic begin !! 


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