Saturday, August 31, 2013

BGC # 38 Gifting Love :)

You saw me! He He
Who's up for an exciting new challenge?

The other day I noticed how many of you had mentioned about the uniqueness of our challenges and how it inspires you all to participate. 
Well! to tell you the truth Poo and other DT members put in a lot of effort in planning them ahead of time. Anyway I'd like to thank you all for motivating us and making us proud of our work. Its a journey for all of us. :)
Honestly..I suggested the challenge and was I surprised with the challenges it posed? 
I am the pea-brain who thinks suggesting a tough challenge would earn me laurels in the crafting community. It would make an impression! 
If all else fails, suggest a ludicrous challenge...that seems to be my motto. 
Enough beating about the bush. The challenge needs introduction..

Challenge # 38 : Gifting Love !  (ahahahahaha..its the tackiest of them all)

No, don't you agree if LATTE LOVE was sophistication personified..this is cheesiness embodied?

Anyway there's a GV for a value of 500/- at stake :P 
from our beloved 

What the challenge entails ? 
 One simple requisite and be careful with these because we hate when your creations don't abide by the rules and we have to let them go, trust me, its more disappointing to us. 

Create a project with a gift on it such that it can be removed (detached) without affecting your creation OR create a project where your creation is not only a means to wishing people but it is a gift in itself. 

You will understand it better with examples. 
The DT members never fail to amaze me. What? you don't believe me ? 
See it to believe it ...yet another motto :D
Let me walk you down the red carpet ...

Expecting a work of art from her is something so normal and usual. Everything she makes is innovative and so very pleasing to the eye. Truly her creations soothe me with the colours she uses and the flowers she makes. This card again  takes me to a heaven :D where pastels seem almost as imperative to existence as art itself. The brunette Tilda is as always a cute adornment and the shimmering frame somehow stitches it all together. 
The GIFT: its the tiny quote tag /bookmark in a pocket that can be removed or put back. 

There aren't many who could combine colours with such elan and exuberance. I haven't come across many painters as scrapbookers and cardmakers. They somehow feel out of the place. But Bips here is a creative artist who combines the best of both worlds. The complete creation shouts drama, animation perfection and vibrance! Just look at the fishes, the bottle-cap messages, fan fold flowers. 
Can you imagine having tea along the sea shore?
The English can, I can and so can Bipasha. Thats the gift that hides behind purple haired damsel. 
The GIFT :  A tea bag for her CHAI partner. A perfect gift for me too :D. 

Da Vinci said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so said Nikita :D
She opted for a simple card that says a lot without any fuss. 
The sober colours in which she has stamped the circles match so well with the designer paper. 
The sentiments flood the card in a manner convincing enough for the receiver to squeal with delight. As If the words weren't enough, you open the card and a surprise awaits.
The GIFT: A gift coupon that gives 'sweet' options. I'd take cheesecake 

Ultimately we all go gooey on the baby stuff and Shafaq seems to have pressed the right nerve. 
This explosion box couldn't have been cuter. I totally adore it. 
Its pastel blue tells me ..its for a baby boy but then again it could be for a girl with that blue frock and a pink bow. Oh look here, there's a small rattle as the box topper. 
I am certain most of you are babbling in that incomprehensible language that only infants speak. 
The GIFT: The box card in all its glory plus the topper. 

oh me! falls flat face side. :P
Its a one sheet box wallet card.
Suffice to say, the flowers saved the day.
The pink cardstock is so not what you wish to see..nor do I.
I swear the only sturdy huge cardstock I have is pink in colour.  Oh please, look at the bright side, you won't see it when you close it. :|
The GIFT: The charms are also key holder. Also, this card cum wallet can be used as a gift.

Seriously what are you waiting for ??
Havent we inspired you enough to hover upon your craft tables and share with us your glorious creations?
Link up your creations.

Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Up Crafty?

What's Up Crafty is brought to you this go round by me Karen!!  This is my very first post of this type so please bare with me!! I have been working on a wall display for each of my six children, three down, three to go.  I hope you will enjoy the project!!

This my sweet Abigail! She is #5 of 6!! She is a spunky 3 year old with tons of personality.

This is what I started with.  A variety of wooden frames, pics, lace and flowers. ( I have a love affair with Prima) The wooden frames I picked up for under $2 (on sale). They take mist or paint very well, but I want to have some continuity with this set so I painted my frame with white acrylic paint. I like both pictures but decided to go with the black and white so that I could use more color with my flowers...

After the paint dried it was a little too white for me so I used my chalk ink to distress the frame a little. I added a chunky piece of lace on the inside edge just to add some more detail.  I started laying out my flowers next. I always start with the largest and work my way to the smallest flowers and details. I added the photo to the back with washi tape so they could be changed out if you desired.  I could have easily added a piece of ribbon to the top to hang it but these hang nicely by themselves.
Here are the 3 I have completed thus far. Thanks for looking. Karen

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winners day - BGC#36- fruity twist !

Hi guys !
Time for announing the winners and top 3 of the last challenge but first 
i would like to let u all BGC players know that we have our very own BGC FB page !
So now those of us who dont have a blog , and still want to play ! can just drop a picture of their creations on the wall :) (with proper challenge no. of course !)
So do like our FB page
Now thank you so much for joining us at the BGC fruity window challenge !
We loved your creations and enjoyed every bit of it !
Here are our top 3 


Congratulations girls ! Please pick up your badges from the side bar ! 
You 3 really stood out !

Here are some honorable mentions for creations that left a mark 

Congratulations girls !! Please email us at to get your honorable mention badges !!! 

Now for the lucky winner of the challenge (This is including the FB entries)

And Drum roll !.....
congrats hon ! you have won a RS.500 GV from Crafters corner ! Pls email us at with in the next 48hrs to know how to claim your prize ! :) 


Friday, August 16, 2013

BGC #37 - Latte Love!

Good morning Crafters,

Yeah, I know I am back in less than 24 hrs, but this time I'm here with something exciting for you to participate in.. a New Challenge... :) When I was asked to come up with a theme, I put two of my most favourite things together and that makes the Challenge Theme for this fortnight as...

"Latte Love"
Here's what you have to do...
1. Make any project.. Card/LO/Tag/Box, etc. inspired by Coffee (something I love and enjoy) either the colours OR the sentiments OR a cup of coffee on your project as well. But...
2. You have to add stitching (also something that I really try to incorporate in my projects) to your project. We would love to see real stitching using SewEasy Tool or a sewing machine or even by hand without any tools. However, if that's not possible, we will allow Faux Stitching as well.. :)

Now that we have that sorted out, let's meet our generous Sponsor for this challenge..

The winner of this Challenge will receive a Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500 from Crafters Corner.

Let's now take a look at what the lovely ladies of BGC have to say about this challenge. You're in for a variety of inspirations because I am about to show you jaw-dropping awesomeness. 
Are you ready then?

This amazing crafter comes up with something so different and amazing every time, that I have to think really hard to find the right words. She has whipped up a 4 page keepsake farewell album - an entire album, that has so many aspects but still has coffee written all over it. The browns in the album, the tiny details, the stitching on the tag and of course, the coffee cup, are all perfect... You have to click on this picture to see the enlarged version of this to be able to fully appreciate the detail and hard work that has gone into making this... 

Jovi has made for us a yummy looking take-away coffee cup, with an ethnic Indian twist. And guess what?? The lid slides up. I love how Jovi has used Chevrons as a background for the cup. Isn't it the perfect blend indeed? :)

I couldn't have put it better myself.. What more do we need?? :P And if coffee looks as cute as this, I wouldn't mind if that's all I had!! That heart on the coffee cup is too cute, so is the swirl... And I am in LOVE with the sentiment (pun was very much intended) The blue looks sooo beautiful against the brown and white... 

Pooja has made another colourful cutie with an Easel Card... Her colour combinations are always so subtle and soothing. She has adorned her already cute coffee cup by stitching around the scalloped circle with a ribbon. She has then added some Faux Stitching too for good measure. ;)

Shafaq presents an amazing Layout about coffee. Yes, it's about coffee. She has used a picture of a real cup of steaming hot coffee and embellished it to perfection with some detailed stitching throughout the edges of the page and some henna designs as well.

Kalindi came up with this super cute inspiration for us ! Love the way her hair looks , the coloring is flawless. This screams coffee all over with all the brown and the lovely tiddly inks image of the girl holding a coffee cup with some faux stitching  as well, in the background .

And finally, we have my card.. I have created a background using different Washi Tapes in the Yellow & Brown Family.. I have stitched along the washi tapes using my Sew Easy tool and added a coffee cup and a sentiment.. :)

Didn't I say there was going to be a variety??? Well, let us know what you think.. We can't wait to see what you come up with... I guess sitting with a cup of coffee while you're making this project should help a lot.. :P

Link up people!! Happy Crafting and have a nice day!! :D :D

Nikita.. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winners day - BGC# 35 -Sky is the limit !

Well hello there all the lovely players of BGC !
I am back finally with the results of BGC#35 - Sky is the limit !
I know u all enjoyed playing along this one , 
judging by the no. of entries , and we really had a tuff time deciding !
Okay so without further ado here are the 


Congrats Girls !You most certainly deserved it ! 
Pls collect your New top3 badge from the side bar.

Now for the winner of the challenge : 
Lucky number 

Good going girl !!! You have won a RS. 500 Voucher from crafters corner ! 
Pls email to claim your prize . 

Now since this challenge had such lovely entries and it was really hard for us to judge who the top3 were , 
we decided to honor some more amazing entries who just missed by a bit !

So here are some Honorable mentions : 




Congratulations girls ! Please email us at for your Honorable mention badges ! 

Happy independence day to all in INDIA ! :) 
Hugs ! 

What's Up Crafty?? - A Scrapbook Layout

Hello Everyone!!

This is Nikita here with my very first post for BGC.. This is new for me, so I am kind of nervous but also a bit excited to see how this turns out. I blabber a lot, but today, I'll get straight to the point. :P

Today I am going to share with you a Scrapbook Page that I made last week for an old colleague's 5th Wedding Anniversary. I am sharing one of the 15 Pages that I made. I wanted to do this as a series on my blog with one post for every page and so far, I've only shared the cover page on my blog. So you guys get to see the first page even before it goes live on my blog. I will post it on my blog as well, in a few days, but you guys saw it first, alright? Yay!! :)

Warning: Picture Heavy :)

This page was made to record the couple's move to Pune from Mumbai. If you know me and my posting style, you would know that I don't show the project just like that. I generally give sneak peeks of the project from different angles because I like to build the suspense :P and then when I have just about exhausted every possible angle, I show the final picture. I hope you have the patience... :P

Anyway, when I was planning the LO, I first decided what I was going to use as the Base Sheet. I selected one of the Pre-Printed Sheets from the My Sunshine 12x12 Paper Stack by Die Cuts With A View and that made the layout way easier than a blank page would have.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Whats up Crafty - Quilled LOVE

Hi friends

Its me Jovita here with one of your favorite segments at Beyond Grey Challenges. "Whats up crafty" is a very innovative idea by Pooja to share with you all as to whats on our craft table...

As originally planned I could not come up with a tutorial due to some health issues. But I have here today with me my latest love and that is QUILLING...

I have made a simple quotation frame on jute board. Diecuts and some distressing and my fav part : Quilled flowers.

I think this makes a superb gift... What you all think??

Let me know... Its so nice to hear from you all.

PS: You have only a few days left to join in the Challenge: Celebrate your friend with a peppy fruity twist so hurry!!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

BGC#36 - Celebrate your friend with a peepy-fruity twist !

Hey lovelies...Wowzers,well you guys have done it again, awesome entries for our previous challenge ~
"Sky is the limit"
Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter out challenge.Stay tuned...
the winners will be announced soon!

I am here today with my very first post as a DT for our new fortnight challenge at BGC!

The theme is

Celebrate your friend with a peepy-fruity twist ! 

There are 3 parts to this challenge ! 

1. Make a window card with single or multiple windows
2. The twist is inspired by your favourite fruit colour,shape or both (Mention in your post the name of the fruit that inspired you).
3.We would like to see the word 'Friend' or 'Friendship' included somewhere on your card

Please note that here, a window card doesn't mean the literal in-corporation of die-cut windows,but it should project a back ground scene,etc.

Our generous sponsor for this challenge

The winner of this challenge will receive a Rs 500 voucher from Crafters Corner

So gear up your energies,as here we offer you a little creative boost to channelize your ideas for the theme with the lovely inspirations from the block-buster DT Team!!
Well why I say that?? You get to know soon ;) !

Poo makes her creation in the most dramatic and eye-catching way!! The spectacular handmade flowers  always makes me whistle in sheer amazement -Yess the very much " Oooh-la-la" style ;) !!The gorgeous yellow flower & the cutest tilda holding cherries in a basket under the circular window crazily make us dream of a  fruity bath of bananas and cherries!!

Oh my Gosh!! Ingenious Karen selected a fruit which never crossed our mind at the very first thought and did its super creative implementation. Hats off to you girl ! & just love the rocking colour combo !

Hoot Woot,cheers for Shafaq !!....our amazing new DT member who by the mere power of the simplicity and cuteness in her work have won our heart in seconds. Inspired by strawberry and the cartoon characters from the cartoon Strawberry short cake,isn't it a cute striking piece !

Now on to Nikita..ahh an indeed crafting maestro...!Her unique CAS implementation keeps me in awe every time ! And this enigmatic super-cute apple a day ,will surely keep the doctor miles and miles away...

Yummy juicy..Mango!!  Kalindi made a tag that says friend by aligning the strips parallel to each other (that prominently look like mango pulp to me in all its glory) in shades of orange and yellow. Unbelievable ! This girl gave the theme a complete interesting & unique perspective, way beyond my imagination...

Coming soon......

Lastly here comes my creation,I  am inspired by the apple fruity ;) kept a twist with the paper floral works in the shades of Cherry and Sapota .Don't know if it stood out well.. though !

Ain't they real stunners?? You bet!! Now, before you get started on your own "Sensational" projects, please take a few minutes to visit the DT's blogs (just click on their names) to find out more about their brilliant creations...and please don't forget to leave 'em each a little "love" while you're there!

Hereon, get your creative juices flowing,keep in mind the challenge theme and play ur imaginations with the craziest fruit ever !
Happy crafting & Have a awesome day ahead!

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