Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hello dear crafters! 
Im sure by now you must have been wondering why we haven’t had any new challenges!! 
With a lot of things happening around me, unfortunately its getting a bit difficult to co-ordinate the BGC blog! Even though I have a very supportive design team there are a lot of things that go with managing a blog which I am unable to do alone at the moment. 

So I have decided that BGC needs a good break!
And its not just a 1-month holiday that we take at the end of every year ….
This time we will be off air for a full year or until I can get back to managing everything once again.

Its been a good 4 year run! With always a good team and lovely players and entries .
I have always cherished all your support and would love to thank everyone specially all our generous sponsors who supported BGC over the 4 year span. 

When I decided to start a challenge blog in 2011 it was just a small idea …. With no experience in ever co-ordinating a challenge blog or managing a design team I don’t know how we have come so far !! 

Thank you Design team, sponsors, players and readers for all your love and support!
Its not good bye …. We will be back
Bigger and better …. Just need a bit of a break!!

PS: the winners for the past 3 challenges will be announced in the coming weeks. We will be sharing the same on our Facebook page. 

Here are some memories from the past!! 


See you soon !!! 


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