Thursday, February 27, 2014

Caged love !!

Hello bloggers,how you have been doing?
As,we are towards the end of our Feb 2nd half Challenge and just a day more to go...
Fabulous creations all around! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels inspired by the previous DTs posts to go make some lovey dovey creation for loved ones.
My-oh-my did we receive a lot of great submissions for this latest challenge which is to make a craftpiece ~

with 'Love' word in it
without any 'red' or 'pink'

You creative bunch never cease to amaze me. Thanks as always for playing along, it makes our day posting this fortnight!

And to trigger the creative minds of other crafters who are in a dilemma to join the challenge,I am here with a Super-jumbo post (a V-day treat gift) to tempt you !

(P.S : Picture heavy post)

Well,since it must be a "NO PINK AND RED" ,I wasn't left with much alternatives and hence selected shades of purple,dark violate,white,black,brown ..

The cage has been painted and coated with mod podge,decorated with an assortment of fabric and prima roses,feathery love bird,with distressed tags and some ferns to multiply its beauty. A pretty handmade notebook and love note jar added on, and a few strokes of gesso here and there,finally made it a perfect V- gift (even without any red or pink :D) ! What do you think?

Please leave your queries, if any, join in our fun challenge !

Also, check out the wonderful submissions by the BGC DT in the one of a kind DT specific challenge hosted by our dear PJ...where you will be our judges and it ends in a day, Sounds fun..right?


  1. This is stunning Bips. The purple and blues look romantic! Loved your caged love!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a ton Pooja for always appreciating my work :)

  3. Love love love it ! I adore bird cages love what u have done with it :) fabulous !!!!!



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