Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whats Up Crafty - Tutorial and Card

Hi there.

So today its Jovita here sharing whats on my craft table (to be specific ... dining table) these days..

Recently I did an order for Tissue Pom poms (also referred to as flowers ) . As I searched tutorial after tutorial I realized one thing, I just ended up making tissue apples  :(...... I made apple shaped pom poms instead of the nice fluffy round ones..

This reference picture was given to me and I just could not get it right till I figured out something.. So that is what I am gonna share with you all today... To make a perfect 10 inch pom pom here is what you need
5 sheets tissue paper (locally called Kite Paper) - Full size
Wire - used for flower making 
Thread - to hang the pom pom

First we have to fold the paper in half and cut it across. 
So now we have 10 sheets of tissue laying one over the other.
Place the paper VERTICALLY (as seen in the picture) . 
Vertically is important to avoid apple shaped pom poms

Then you start making a fan fold about an inch apart and this is what you get. Tie the center with the wire and then the thread. You can use a transparent thread available in the local stationery.

It is important to tie the thread at this stage, as once we fluff the pom pom it would be difficult to tie the thread 

The next step would be to round the corner edges with a scissor. You can even cut it in a V shape as per your preference.

Once done rounding the edges we can start pulling up the start getting the fluff

and after pulling up all the layers this is what you get... Yummy fluffed pom poms....

So with this technique I made 150 pom poms in colors Pink, Yellow and Turquoise Blue... It was such a riot of colors... 

You can use these pom poms as a party decor...  They really look lovely.

Hope you like this tutorial. 
Make them in different sizes and colors and hang around.

And here is another crafty project I made... A birthday card on order

Have a look....

Love the way the stickles shine out on the cupcakes... 

So let me know what you guys think...

Till then 
Happy Crafting



  1. Fabulous Jovi..will come in so useful as party decor. Jovi is Kite paper the same as crepe paper? Am pinning this and here is the pin link :
    Party Decoration Tutorials

    1. Thanks dear for pinning and your comment.

      Kite paper is different from Crepe... but its available in your local stationery.

  2. Nice Jovi. I love these pom poms. I had made some in red color to hang in during valentine's few years back :) Ideal for party decor.

    1. thanks dear... they will surely brighten up any decor

  3. just liked the pom pom flowers...thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Jovi! This would be good and cheap party decor that we could even hang outside on balconies etc...

    1. ya and so much fun to tell all that you made it... isnt it??/

  5. This is just so awesome... thanks for the tutorial Jovi :)

  6. Awesome Jovi - I used to do these miniature - like little carnations but this is a fabulous option! Must try for one my kids' next birthday parties! Thanks!
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

    1. yes do that and send me pics... would love to see
      Have a great day

  7. lovely pom poms .thanks for sharing

  8. The card is gorgeous. Just love the timing with the pom poms Jovita. My youngest is having his 9th Birthday party this weekend...... I'm now making pom poms to go with the other decorations. Thank you. Hugs Brenda. xx

    1. ohhhh wow... so glad ... I was really wondering whether this tutorial would mean anything... but indeed I ffeel happy to see so many comments... Thanks again

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. What a great tutorial Jovi! I have to try that myself! Hugs


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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