Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whats up Crafty.. : Boxed up emotions ;)

Hey there :)
Off late its been all about shabby chic and honestly I have been pretty anxious about trying it. You need to a be a wee bit daring in life I gather..
My trial turned out to be a risky affair. Sacrificing a wooden box seems risky in my case ..
But would you be the judge of it ?? Tell me if I ruined it or made it through..
I would love to hear from you guys..
so yeah...there's a flower made out of sheer ribbon I have hoarded for centuries..
The leaves yet again ..ribbon ..hoarded for epochs..

A kind benevolent friend and owner of Craft Adda online craft store (Read Khyati Kothari) was kind and sweet enough to send me these clay cameos that she made.. and I am floored and feel fortunate. 
I used distress inks to colour it.. 

Oh and how can I ever forget the Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy book knobs..
Mahh... they are gorgeous..and to fit one of those on the lid was nothing less than agony. 
Imagine using an awl like something (read animal dissection instruments from 2002) for want of better tools and constantly poking it and chafing the lid to create a hole big enough to fit the screw for the knob. 
Pure Agony !! 
My thumb gave up on me as a gripping limb. 
Forget that.. I used some vintage paper..with victorian roses on it. It looked effin..awesome without embellishment. 
Let me just think many techniques did I use.. ?
Hmm...there's flower making ..Decoupage...distressing..woodwork..paper piecing ..and so on. Phew..thats whats wrong with me.. its d OCD.
Trust me the flowers are gorgeous when you see them for real.the pictures ruin the look. They almost look tacky.
The cameo is very english...
I even found some vintage lace from my Grandmum's needlework collection. The wooden box was coated in several layers of inks and acrylics and finally the complete box was sprayed with varnish for the magenta which you see on the wood is a layer of acrylic that was distressed with a sandpaper. 

To finish off .. my usual trademark..some pearl flourishes. Oh and the inside of the box was covered in paper too. I like it for my first attempt. But what I like the most is the fact that this work will survive the test of few years. The permanence is appealing don't you think ?
It breaks my heart when my creations or for that matter..anything handmade gathers dust and deteriorates. 

Anyway thats it from me.. I hope you like it...and I also wish to know if it qualifies as shabby chic..
Drop me a mail or a case you wish to know anything about the project.
Hope it inspires you to create .. :)


  1. beautiful !!! love d flowers , lace n pearls !! pretty :)

  2. What an amazing job. Very beautiful indeed. The flowers, pearls, cameo and your choice of paper are awesome.

  3. Awesome.I scrolled up and down many times to see this beauty.Where did you get this box from?I loved the way you decorated and embellished it .And yes it qualifies for a shabby chic.Love the way you played around with those pearls and lace and the pearl flourish shouts KALINDI....I associate paisley and flourish with you.

  4. What a gorgeous,Stunning box Kalindi ...You have embellished it so beautifully with those lace flowers ,the papers and the pearl flourishes ...everything looks just so perfect and of course my fave style too ...Shabby Chic :)

  5. awesome one :) I did the same box long a go but yours is sooo different !! :) Great work kalindi love the flourishes and the papers ! the whole thing is really out of the box :)


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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