Monday, October 19, 2015

Drawer Easel Card+Tutorial with zubmomi!

 Hello Friends!!!
                   zubmomi here, sharing my first tutorial post. Today I want to show you how to make a 5½   X 5 ½  Drawer Easel cardThis is really easy to make and the end product looks really amazing. Hope you guys like it :)

You will need:

-Heavy Cardstock
Two 8 ½  x 7 inch ( A)
One 8 ½ X 8 ¼ inch (B)
One 5 ½ X 11 inch (C)
One 5 ½   X 5 ½ inch (D)
-Scoring Board.

First we are going to make the sleeve of the drawer :)

Take cardstock A and, with the 7 inch short side on the left, score at 1 ½ inch. Repeat along the three sides, leaving the last 8 and half inches side as it is. Repeat the same with the second cardstock A.

Cut the two tabs, fold and burnish the creases. Again repeat the same with second cardstock A as well.

Next glue the tabs with a strong adhesive.

The two boxes are ready :)

Now attach the boxes together by applying glue around the outside of one box and gluing it inside the other. 

This completes the sleeve :)

Now to make the drawer:

Take cardstock B and score at  1 and a half inch on all four sides.

Cut the tabs as shown in the picture, burnish the creases and fold up to form the box. Secure with strong adhesive.

Slide your box into the sleeve. The drawer box card is almost ready :)

Now to make our easel card:

Take cardstock C, score the long side at 5 ½ and 8 ¼ inches and make mountain folds on both scored lines.

Attach Cardstock D as shown and you are done:)

Decorate as you like :D

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and will give it a try! 
Happy Crafting :) :) 


  1. Its Gorgeous ! Loved the tutorial ,so clearly explained !

  2. Beautiful easel card drawer!! & a well explained tutorial too, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh yeah, that beautiful. And the tutorial is si clear that I have to try it. Great job, Zub!

  4. Very pretty & beautiful card with a gr8 tutorial :)

  5. Very pretty & beautiful card with a gr8 tutorial :)

  6. That is stunning @zubaida !!!! I love your choice of colours :)

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