Friday, January 3, 2014

DT 2014

Hey BGC readers !
Welcome to 2014 ! 
This new year we are going bigger and better !
But before we slowly reveal the surprises 

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Design Team of 2013 , 
who worked their butt off and got us where we are this year ! 
It's sensational how the DT's came together to help each other 
and how each one of them has been very accommodating towards the work we did . 
I can only think of this sweet little poem for each of my DT members 

Times can been rough,
and times can be great,
But whenever I need you,
you never show uplate.
Through thick and thin,
you were always there.
With my friend fit to tackle,
hassle vanished into thin air.
Yes times have been rough,
and times have been great,
But since you stuck with me,
I give you my thanks.

With that said i would like to say good bye to two of our amazing DT members 
who will not be continuing with us this year . 
One of our fav 
Kalindi ! you will be missed ! 

Shafaq we will miss your beautiful work and your presence in the grp ! 

With that announced i want to welcome 

Zubaida into the team ! 

 Many of you know her as Zub momi ! 
Well she is very talented and you should really check out her amazing work here
Please leave some love on her blog and welcome her with open arms ! 

For those of you who are wondering why was there no DT call this year ? 
Well everyone else on the Design Team is gonna stay with us !
so we handpicked the rest of the members. 
Thankyou !
HaPPie NeW YeAr !!! 

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  1. We will miss you kalindi and shafaq and welcome Zubaida

  2. Kalindi and Shafaq you will be missed! And, I am so looking forward to Zubaida's work over here. She is a superb crafter ,and I love her work very much :)

  3. Thank you Kalindi and Shafaq, you will be missed!. Welcome Zubaida! Looking forward to see your lovely creations :)

  4. Farewell Kalindi. <3 to you darl. Always your friend Brenda. P.S. Don't forget you are always welcome here. :)


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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