Thursday, October 3, 2013

What`s up Crafty? ~Slice of Cake ~

Hey Crafters!
Shafaq here with Whats up Crafty . This is my first ever post as DT at BGC . all excited and nervous at the same time.
Ill today share a simple yet different favor box n yes its just a piece of cake!! no seriously it is a Piece of Cake!

Isnt it clean and simple?
Now ill share with you a template of this cake slice box.
now cut on the solid lines.
now score the dotted lines.
here is your unfolded slice of cake
fold it along the scored lines to give it a shape.
Here are few boxes i made as an order for someone..

Hope this post be of any use to you all.
oh and dont forget to participate in our Challeng 40 : Sliver Wonders.


  1. Wow..... Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.... Kids will surely love it

  2. Shafaq did you make the white flowers too? they look so beautiful
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  3. wow!! It's such a lovely idea Shafaq. What are those flowers made up of? Thermocol?

  4. Thankyou everyone! Yes i have made the flowers myself...these are made of white velvet cloth and in center i have placed a clear crystal bead. :)

  5. wow this is superb ...on my wish list to make it.

  6. Woww!! Am surely gonna try it Shafaq....its amazing and so detailed ! :)


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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