Saturday, September 7, 2013

What's up crafty ?? - Do-it-Yourselfer !

Hello my dear bloggers,

This is crafter Bipasha ;) with you ,with my very first "What's up crafty?"post for the BGC and my second post in BGC. And Oh yess girl !! I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach :p. Well,I had a hard time thinking which crafting techniques or tip I should share with the ingenious crafters around me (I still feel as a beginner at times :) ! ),then something really spooky caught my messy mind.....I asked myself..
      What would I like to see in a inspirational post? 
Obviously the choice varies from crafter to crafter...but the allurance remains the same..
          "Anything beauteous attracts us at one-go, ain't it ;) !!"

Crafts like scrap-booking and card making are wonderful hobbies and a creative outlet for many, but the cost of embellishments alone can cramp your style.Moreover when you are honoured with the crown of "CRAFTER",I believe you can create master pieces with just a plain sheet,a pair of scissors,some casts that magical spell on you that bestows you with its inherent skills :) . So, I thought of sharing here a few ideas for the do-it-yourselfer!! As you say it, make your own embellishments(butterfly & flower ) to ornate your creations ..

(click on the images to enlarge)

Also, You can use pearls,pollen ,rhinestones to elaborately ornament it :) !

Here are some of my projects wherein I used these embellishments:

I like to have a basket of these handmade embellies that will match the papers i am working with perfectly.

Crafting with cards and scrapbooks is great fun and a wonderful outlet for your creativity, but you may find that making your own embellishments makes your hobby even more fun! What do you think?

Hope this post will be useful to you guys .I will come with more embellishment tutorials in my next "What's up crafty??" post. Till then , stay tuned.....yawnn!! My eyes are darn sleepy now...Its 2am in the morning !! :D

sayonara !!!!!!!


  1. Hey Bipasha!Thanks for sharing such a nice tutorial! love ur butterlfies and flowers. :)

  2. The butterfly is awesome Bipasha..I posted about your fabric flower on my blog and already request are pouring in for a tutorial...from you!!

    1. :O..Hehee Sonia ji..Thank you so much for the special mention in ur blog :)! Am honoured :)...Recently ,I have been busy with my office hardly could make any time for my crafts..Will surely come up with one tut for the fabric flowers(Sorry :'( I know, I promised u long back to come up with one :( ..believe, I would be forgiven :)),as things settle down a little.

  3. Thanks a lot Bipasha for sharing ur secrets of making beautiful embellishes ....loved the butterfly pretty much.

    1. Thanks Shalu...I am the happiest soul on earth if my tips could be of some use for the you ~ wonderful crafters :)

  4. Wonderful tutorial Bipasa.I Have always been awe struck by your drawing n coloring skills n the way you embellish your projects...So nice of you to share the tricks ...loved the gorgeous butterfly n daisy will surely give a try .

    1. Its always a pleasure Pooja,would love to see your take on it :)

  5. So interesting and beautiful, thanks !

  6. love that :) thanks for sharing hon :) I really am amazed to se the buttrfly , always thought its ready made ! U so ruled this tutorial ! :)

    1. Glad that you loved it Poo...was waiting so badly to know your response..a sigh of relief :) I can do the happy dance now :D!And It would be my real pleasure if the tut kind-a helps my fellow crafters.:)

  7. Thanks for the simple and effective tute, Bipasha!

    The results truly speak for themselves! Awesome Job

  8. Its wonderful Bibasha!!

    But I really don't know how to use the embossing tool. Have you go a tutorial on it?


    1. Sorry for the late reply Nabeela..

      There are 2 different ways to emboss: heat embossing and dry embossing. Depending on the technique for embossing paper you choose to undertake, varying tools are needed. Heat embossing adds a raised layer of print or design to the card while dry embossing raises the paper itself. Dry embossing typically utilizes an embossing machine but can be done by hand.

      Here in my tutorial I have explained how to dry emboss your card by hand. Use your stylus or embossing tool, and apply pressure around the interior edges of the stencil or the desired area. You do not need to press over all the open area, as pressing along the edges will create the embossing.

      And,for the tool ; a metal embossing stylus with small metal balls on either end works best for dry embossing on paper

      Hope I have been able to clear your doubt :),let me know if any confusion persists.


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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