Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Up Crafty?

What's Up Crafty is brought to you this go round by me Karen!!  This is my very first post of this type so please bare with me!! I have been working on a wall display for each of my six children, three down, three to go.  I hope you will enjoy the project!!

This my sweet Abigail! She is #5 of 6!! She is a spunky 3 year old with tons of personality.

This is what I started with.  A variety of wooden frames, pics, lace and flowers. ( I have a love affair with Prima) The wooden frames I picked up for under $2 (on sale). They take mist or paint very well, but I want to have some continuity with this set so I painted my frame with white acrylic paint. I like both pictures but decided to go with the black and white so that I could use more color with my flowers...

After the paint dried it was a little too white for me so I used my chalk ink to distress the frame a little. I added a chunky piece of lace on the inside edge just to add some more detail.  I started laying out my flowers next. I always start with the largest and work my way to the smallest flowers and details. I added the photo to the back with washi tape so they could be changed out if you desired.  I could have easily added a piece of ribbon to the top to hang it but these hang nicely by themselves.
Here are the 3 I have completed thus far. Thanks for looking. Karen


  1. Beautiful!!! Loved all three frames!!! Abigail is really cute.. :)

  2. WOW so beautiful are inspiring me to frame my own kiddo's pics too!

  3. Wowwyyy !!! An angel is she Abigail :* So very cute!! And the way you so elegantly adorned the frames left me awestruck ...loved it extremely :)!!

  4. beautiful Karen. You have done an awesome job of these photo frames. Your flower clusters look great on them.

  5. Aweeeee I love Abigail !!!!!
    She is sooo cute :)
    Loved your frames! Wish I could get somthing like that here and so affordable too. Prima is just the best things for projects like this . Very beautiful project I adore it.


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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