Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whats Up Crafty?

Hello again everyone. I have started my
Whats Up Crafty post with a lovely smiling
face. To make me feel a little better. This will 
be my last post in this segment as DT for 
Beyond Grey Challenges. :( :( :(
I'm afraid my time is coming to an end.
As much as I would love to stay on I have some
other matters that I need to spend some time on.
I have LOVED my time here. Pooja and the rest
of the DT girls are awesome. Everyone is very
talented and wonderful inspirations. I will keep
coming back to Beyond Grey Challenges and join
in on some here so please keep an eye out for me 
and my entries. Any time pop on over to my blog,
I would love to see you.

I have to keep coming back also so I can see what 
you have all been up to with your wonderful designs.
I have loved looking at each and every submission. It has
all been so much fun. Now back to my Whats Up Crafty?

These two cards I have made with my scraps.
My New Years resolution was to use up my scraps
where ever I could. I have colored them with my 
Stampin` Up chalks. To make things stand out a 
little more I have used my markers around the edge 
of the papers. I used dimension tables on the stamps 
to stand them out from the card. 

These cards are simple but fun to make. They are always
good to have in the draw for the forgotten Birthday etc. 
If anyone else is like me it happens. I then get out a card
and no one knows I have forgotten them. The following 
are a couple more I have done in the last month.

Thank you Pooja, Kalindi, Ebba, Snehal, Lucille and Jovita.
I have loved working with you all. You are wonderful people
and so talented. Maybe some time I can come back. I'm sure 
you wont miss my lengthy emails LOL. It is hard to let go of
family. Hugs to you all. XX

For all those who follow Pooja's blog and submit to the 
challenges good luck with your crafting. I hope my last 
Whats Up Crafty? has given you some ideas. 




  1. Your cards are very beautiful Brenda!! And all the very best in all walks of life:)

  2. Thank you for sharing tips, inspirations, and most of all your time with us.

    All the best!

    We will miss seeing your work, and your boys on your work.
    See you around :)


  3. Lovely post Brenda !
    We will surly miss u alot !
    <3 hugs !

  4. Thank you so much. Hugs to the 3 of you. I'm going to miss you all too Pooja.

  5. :(
    Awww...don't go !
    I will miss an adorable person've been so good in your creations..and my God ...will i ever forget how worried and concerned you are about every challenge :)
    Will miss you

  6. Thank you so much Kalindi for those beautiful words. I wish I could stay on. Too many things happening here at the moment :(
    I do worry about every challenge don't I....I just hate the thought of not getting it right. Not being the way you's want it lol.
    BUT Kalindi please remember I'm only as far away as the send button, and love that's not far. Email me any time. Would love to hear from you. I will always remember the night we chatted.
    Hugs and Love to you
    Brenda. XX


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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