Friday, June 1, 2012

Pallete full of contrast - Teal+ yellow+ pink

Oh..Oh..There you go...! 
Its me yet our Poo has devised a new plan to get hold of me every time she sees me drifting into a world of perpetual delirium and diminution ;)
Its obvious isn't it ? 
She asks me to post a challenge ..! :D 
First of all ...why was there a winner redraw?? :O 
Don't you lose this opportunity loved get goodies courtesy BGC ...
But I am sure Kunda had her reasons..
You see..I have been in a world of oblivion for too long ..
So..lets start with the new challenge ..yaaay 
We have a BEA-OOTI-PHOOL color palette for you. 
Look away ..look away...the brightness hurts my eyes ;)

The challenge is to create a card or a crafty project or a page
With the above colors in majority -
Other colors or neutrals are only allowed for you as a support system, if its absolutely necessary . 

Our challenge wouldn't be the same without our amazing sponsors :
Di's Digi Downloads..
Lets see what Di - shop owner & illustrator has to say about her journey- 
"I have been drawing since a child and studied graphics at College many years ago, I now work as a Medical photographer part time but my love was always drawing. I started cardmaking about 4yrs ago when I bought my daughter a cardmaking kit which we did together, but I’m afraid I got the bug! My daughter preferred scrapbooking. I then started looking online at other blogs and this then became my passion and I loved sharing my cards with like minded people.
I love stamping and loved finding images, but sometimes I could not find what I wanted so I started to draw myself.
This then has become my second addiction and I have never looked back, I love thinking of new images, and its just fabulous to see others take them and make them into beautiful works of art. Long may it continue!
That does sound like a story in itself ! thanks di ! we love ur work keep up the good work !

So Here is the inspiration parade :

Mel is simply an inspiration for all of us with her expertise with Magnolia stamps and die cuts..this is another of her many masterpieces. LOOK at the gorgeous flowers and leaves..simply cheerful and full of happy things.

If Neelu left ...we found Neeru and she is simply fantastic with her layouts. The colours...are a splash of excitement and they reflect seaside..nature at its best. Yeah...yeah..I know she has bundles of happiness surrounding her almost all the time.. touchwood* ..guess we know her inspiration.

Our upcoming Memory Box queens and trust me when I say I am simply envious of her. I have been longing for these memorybox dies for long...
The fact that she chose to present the colours the way she simply impressive. 
There are so many beautiful things about the card that blew me away ..

  Pooja the queen of abstracts..she will forever be the best at combining the mis-matched elements and make everything look matchy matchy if things were meant to be together. Tilda sweetness again.. :P
We are slowly becoming Magnolia brand ambassadors..(Won't be late when Magnolia finds India to be one of its potential buyer).

Well...this seems so out of place with all of the above :( ..
I won't say more.

Do pour in your entries at the earliest. 
We itch to give you prizes and to inspire you.  



  1. Really a bright and cheerful colors :)

  2. btw, Neelu didn't leave.. Neelu's contract with BGC expired :)

    1. Loved the colour scheme n 2 top it inspiration by the DT's was fantastic...:)

    2. No neelu didnt leave us :) She left memories of her ... :) :)

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  4. helllo girls....
    im new to blogging and posting my work .. and sumhow cant get a hang of it...have i posted my link OKAY ???OR DID I DO SUMTHING WRONG ???
    cause everybodys elses work shows and my doesnt on the site...
    any help would be appreciated ...

  5. hi archana ,
    YOu have done it perfectly . we can see your work through the linky. Thanks for playing :)

  6. thanks for lovely challenge

  7. lovely color challenge. finally i m able to enter.All DT's creations are amazing. thank you.


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