Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BGC # 7 - Colourful and flowery ...

Hullo People ..
Seems things have been going well at your end.
We have  BGC#7 on offer .. ;)
And....guess what we are serving you on a platter ? A bagful of colours and a handful of handmade flowers. Yes my lovely crafty people ..we seek your participation in this challenge by means of 3 or more colors and handmade flowers on your creations. The creation should NOT necessarily be a card or a scrapbook layout but it can be anything your wildly imaginative brain cells can churn out. All the DT members have been lazy around this time or may be they have been juggling numerous things at once hence we have been delayed with the challenge but that is perfectly fine..we can wait :P ... Right ?
In fact I feel that if DT inspirations come one by one..you will have more time to ponder on each of them and you won't be bombarded with things at once. Cool argument eh..?
Instead of killing you with my incessant jabber..let me run you through everything our DT members have created for you to be inspired .. I love this part the most :D

This lady has the gift of combining those elements that one sidelines for they look so not worth matching ..or cannot be matched ..but she does it with much panache and confidence. The shoelace effect with the pink ribbon is awesome and the flowers look way too cute. Way to go Pooja ..love the image..she looks confused and lost like me ;)

No Mel did not come up with Tilda this time instead she came up with something so much adorable that I could write a song ;). Happy colours, gorgeous flowers and lovely layout. There is so much in this simple layout that you have to actually pay attention to every single detail. Good going Mel.

He he ...need I say more ? I ventured into a territory that was never mine and thats just about it. I adhered to the challenge ..isn't that a feat in itself ? :P

My oh My..although the lady is signing out from Beyond Grey, she leaves behind a million splendid hearts. Yes, we love you mate and we will miss you. That said, the creation is as always classy and simplistic and very elegant. The exuberance of colours, the flamboyance of her layout is something one cannot easily forget. 

  She will be joining us soon enough. Aww..come on now, I know you can wait.
She by the way also happens to be the sponsor of our prize.... cheers to that ..yay for her..
So it came and it took me by my jitters..its just so damn perfect. How can anyone come up with something so stunning with such limited elements ? Yes my question is to you Romina.  She has been blasting the copics to their full capacity I gather ... ;) 

Do pour in your entries at the earliest. 
We itch to give you prizes and to inspire you. 
Yes you heard me...its :D Romina who is sponsoring an awesome goodie bag :) 
Oooooooooo...I wish I were allowed to participate for the goodie bag :| 
You can't get it all it seems..


  1. Such beautiful creations and finally you guys gave an easy one so I could finally link up!!

  2. :D he he all the best Dr. sonia this one is really going to be tuff

  3. Replies
    1. I liked this colourful flowery theme...and the inspiration by all the DT'S was really SUPERB!!!

  4. I have added my second card for the challenge !!


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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