Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BGC#54 - Lets get Kiddish - Karen

BGC#54 - Lets get Kiddish

Hello everybody, hope everyone is having a lovely summer!!!!

This month we will be focussing on all the cuteness we have in our lives.

I have lots of cuteness under my roof...
This is only half the cuteness I endure every day!!!! 

BGC #54 - Lets Get Kiddish

Guidelines : Make a project for a child. It could be a card, LO or any 3d project. But it should connect with a child in some way.
If you are making a card then use some form of pop up card or technique that would fascinate a child, or a hand drawn story book. a frame for your child or a name Plate for a child. The options are endless. and there is so much you can do 

We have a wonderful Prize sponsored by


Here's my project!  I decided to use these plastic sleeves to make a book for my littlest guy!  He is three and learning his letters so this is perfect to use with a dry erase marker!! Since they are in a binder ring they can be switched out for site words soon!!!  

These sleeves can be found in bulk at ULINE. They are receipt pouches. 

It just so happens that the 4X6 project life cards slide in perfectly!

So have some fun!! Don't forget to link up your projects in the original post!!!

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