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BGC # 38 Gifting Love :)

You saw me! He He
Who's up for an exciting new challenge?

The other day I noticed how many of you had mentioned about the uniqueness of our challenges and how it inspires you all to participate. 
Well! to tell you the truth Poo and other DT members put in a lot of effort in planning them ahead of time. Anyway I'd like to thank you all for motivating us and making us proud of our work. Its a journey for all of us. :)
Honestly..I suggested the challenge and was I surprised with the challenges it posed? 
I am the pea-brain who thinks suggesting a tough challenge would earn me laurels in the crafting community. It would make an impression! 
If all else fails, suggest a ludicrous challenge...that seems to be my motto. 
Enough beating about the bush. The challenge needs introduction..

Challenge # 38 : Gifting Love !  (ahahahahaha..its the tackiest of them all)

No, don't you agree if LATTE LOVE was sophistication personified..this is cheesiness embodied?

Anyway there's a GV for a value of 500/- at stake :P 
from our beloved 

What the challenge entails ? 
 One simple requisite and be careful with these because we hate when your creations don't abide by the rules and we have to let them go, trust me, its more disappointing to us. 

Create a project with a gift on it such that it can be removed (detached) without affecting your creation OR create a project where your creation is not only a means to wishing people but it is a gift in itself. 

You will understand it better with examples. 
The DT members never fail to amaze me. What? you don't believe me ? 
See it to believe it ...yet another motto :D
Let me walk you down the red carpet ...

Expecting a work of art from her is something so normal and usual. Everything she makes is innovative and so very pleasing to the eye. Truly her creations soothe me with the colours she uses and the flowers she makes. This card again  takes me to a heaven :D where pastels seem almost as imperative to existence as art itself. The brunette Tilda is as always a cute adornment and the shimmering frame somehow stitches it all together. 
The GIFT: its the tiny quote tag /bookmark in a pocket that can be removed or put back. 

There aren't many who could combine colours with such elan and exuberance. I haven't come across many painters as scrapbookers and cardmakers. They somehow feel out of the place. But Bips here is a creative artist who combines the best of both worlds. The complete creation shouts drama, animation perfection and vibrance! Just look at the fishes, the bottle-cap messages, fan fold flowers. 
Can you imagine having tea along the sea shore?
The English can, I can and so can Bipasha. Thats the gift that hides behind purple haired damsel. 
The GIFT :  A tea bag for her CHAI partner. A perfect gift for me too :D. 

Da Vinci said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so said Nikita :D
She opted for a simple card that says a lot without any fuss. 
The sober colours in which she has stamped the circles match so well with the designer paper. 
The sentiments flood the card in a manner convincing enough for the receiver to squeal with delight. As If the words weren't enough, you open the card and a surprise awaits.
The GIFT: A gift coupon that gives 'sweet' options. I'd take cheesecake 

Ultimately we all go gooey on the baby stuff and Shafaq seems to have pressed the right nerve. 
This explosion box couldn't have been cuter. I totally adore it. 
Its pastel blue tells me ..its for a baby boy but then again it could be for a girl with that blue frock and a pink bow. Oh look here, there's a small rattle as the box topper. 
I am certain most of you are babbling in that incomprehensible language that only infants speak. 
The GIFT: The box card in all its glory plus the topper. 

oh me! falls flat face side. :P
Its a one sheet box wallet card.
Suffice to say, the flowers saved the day.
The pink cardstock is so not what you wish to see..nor do I.
I swear the only sturdy huge cardstock I have is pink in colour.  Oh please, look at the bright side, you won't see it when you close it. :|
The GIFT: The charms are also key holder. Also, this card cum wallet can be used as a gift.

Seriously what are you waiting for ??
Havent we inspired you enough to hover upon your craft tables and share with us your glorious creations?
Link up your creations.


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  2. Kalindiiii ....I love ur writing,and so very motivated to take part in it:). Wish I could participate too,because ur expert way of inspiring has taken onto my nerves completely in a positive perspective(mind it :D)...wonder girl u rock!.

    1. aww..thanks girlie.
      We'll ask poo to hold separate challenge for DT members :P
      Non-DT will vote ..haha
      How would that be ?

    2. Wouldn't that be great and unique idea!!! :D...i guess we can convince Poo..:P but but ...and but we need our so very favourite Kalindi to assist us in initiating this mischievous mission of convincing Poo ..hehee ^_^ !!

    3. Lol u guys !!! Have I ever said no ? :)

  3. Wow!! yet another exciting challenge from you guys and I am simply bowled over by the inspiration you Dt's have come up with ...Gorgeous gorgeous work :) ..I hope I can play along this challenge ..I so regret missing the last one :(

  4. Lovely lovely theme with inspiring lovely DT cards

  5. OMG!! Thank you Kalindi for such amazing words, although my work hardly deserves such over-the-top appreciation. My CAS cards are a last minute attempt to make and finish my project on time :P But I am glad that you liked it... :)

    Pooja has, as usual, flowered...ummm.. I meant floored us with her flowers and such a full, pretty and colourful card. I love her colour combos! Bipasha is... well, Bipasha... I wouldn't expect less from her. I knew she would boggle all our minds with something awesome like she always does! Shafaq's cute little explosion box is sure to get people going goo-goo-gaa-gaa.. And you, my friend, are so generous with words for everyone else, so let me make you feel the same way you did, us, because quite frankly, you're being unfair to yourself. No one cares about the pink. In fact, pink is cute! I would have loved your wallet just as much if it was completely pink, because it's not about the colour at all. I couldn't imagine myself even trying to make what you have made. Yes, the flowers do add a certain charm, but the whole thing, the entire concept is so amazing that I am falling short of words (doesn't seem like you have that problem :P) to completely express how much I adore this.

    As for the choice of gift, the recipient of my card will get everything on the coupon. You see those little boxes on the left of each item? They are supposed to be checked (ticked) once that particular item on the list has been redeemed! So you can have the cheesecake, the movie, the book... everything! :)

    I'll stop here, or my comment will be as long as your post.. :P
    Nikita.. :)

    1. Thanks Niks for those lovely words :)!!U r a maestro in CAS~a category where I guess I will score in negatives,frankly speaking...So its an undoubtedly "Big WOW" everytime for me and believe me every time i keep on staring your stylish yet so simple implementation in few dimensional folds...All in all,I can just say.. you portray ur very smart personality in ur cards in a remarkably fashionable way.....and Over to Kalindi,I truly agree with Niks..its an elegant showpiece for me ;)!!
      P.S:@Kalindi next time u speak of pink,just think about the untold consequences :P !

      Hehee its so much fun reading all these...I guess we guys are flooding the comment section..but my nuisance fingers..don't stop typing :s !

  6. Ahha very interesting challenge to combine gift n card ! Each one of DT creation is amazing !

    1. Eagerly waiting for you to play with us pooja,do hop in the fun !! :)

  7. This is a creative one! Love the challenges you guys come up with. Really out of the box!

  8. Omg kalindi :) thanks for such an amazing description . I know m becoming too much of s pastel gal :p ..... So can't help it! And ur just being too humble about ur work!!! It's something I have seen for the first time.... Never knew this kinda fold even existed. And it's just so superb ! Love the colors and the flowers are amazing:)

  9. Ohh wow !! yet another amazing challenge and superb inspirations... will try to play along... thank u... :)

  10. Heyy DTs... i love each and every project! how do you girls think of all that... im learning so much from you all and its great to be a part of such creative and talented group! Super Amazing you all are...loveeee!!

  11. Fun challenge as usual girls!

    Looking forward to make something for the challenge :)

  12. I m totally out of words...wat lovely creations by the DTs....and the theme itself is unique...loved the DT creations and the challenge...i hope i could make something for the challenge...

  13. Beautiful creations by DT. Loved all of them, but I always get stunned by Pooja's pastel colours, lovely!

    1. Thanks shilpa for your kind words :)

  14. Love all the DT creations. Wonderful and inspiring. Pooja darl I love yours.Your colors are always beautiful. Kalindi my friend your work is lovely as always. The flowers are beautiful and the colors are stunning. Hope all is going well. Miss you guys. :) XX

    1. thanks bren !
      Hope u will join us :) <3 u !

  15. Love all the DT creations. Wonderful and inspiring. Pooja darl I love yours.Your colors are always beautiful. Kalindi my friend your work is lovely as always. The flowers are beautiful and the colors are stunning. Hope all is going well. Miss you guys. :) XX

    1. Thank you Brenda. I noticed the comment today since I was busy in books. Thanks again. You dont know how good it feels to hear from you.

  16. Ha Ha I cant say which I am enjoying most the DTs amazing projects or the even more amazing camaraderie I see in the comments above!!!

  17. I'm new for challenges...made my entry here(entry no 17).But as per rules of the swap...we were not allowed to post our card for any challenge.I don't know hw to delete my entry from ur challenge...pls i request u to delete it on my behalf.I m sorry but wud love to participate in next challenge.
    Thanks and sorry for inconvenience...

    1. Hi rajni u should b able to see a small Red Cross beside ur name on the linky tool. If u click there u can delete your entry. Hope this helps. I will still try to see if I can do it for you frm the linky acc. We are really sad though to miss your entry :(
      Pls do participate again :)
      Hugs Pooja

  18. submitted my entry, hope it qualifies. gorgeous inspiration from DT


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