Thursday, February 16, 2012

BGC # 3 - color me pink, green, yellow and make me a Man !! :P

Howdy ?
I see you had fun with the last challenge ..
Pleasure is all ours..
How about another challenge? ;)
 We have an extremely soothing pastel palette for you... 
Baby Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green's the twist :D
Design a manly card/layout/project with these colors ... 

Wait till you see the goodies being offered by Lightbox Creative Store, our Sponsor for this challenge :)

 Looooook the gohjeusssss..butterflies.. the hatpins, the handmade flowers, the stickers, the trims and the twines ...
you ought to play for this and for its sheer challenging streak.

So ( Once again) ..your dare is 
to use the colours   Baby Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green and design a manly card/layout/project .. 
Don't ask who suggested it .. :P
Let me just run you through the inspiring creations our DT members came up with..

Mel says the card is simple ..!!
Ask me to make one like this and I'd be dead long before .. So she scoots by us with her CAS card with lime cardstock and a cutsy wootsy pink and green scooter ..Some serious paper piecing went into it and it has inspired me to try the technique.

Have a looksie people at this super-cute yet manly card ( a bit of a crush on it actually)..I mean the archaic telephone has added just the exact amount of manhood to the pastel colours. Romina has stamped on the pattern paper in such exquisite manner that it blends with the paper completely. I love the shape and the fact that it has a tagged note-card which can be pulled out.
Way to go Romina !

A mixed media layout is just what one needs to complete the circle. 
I love it to every bit of my existence and I am not exaggerating :D
I love the play of colours, the childlike exuberance..everything just melts into one ..making it a unique piece of art.

Yes yes...its always look through Pooja's creations. She comes up with such gorgeous layout like card ..that my jaw drops and most of the time I gasp for air and for some creative genius.. :P I can never combine extremely different elements and  make it look good ..but she surely can :P

I don't know what to say except I tried something really different from my style .. 
So its a pink background with green distressing and white stamping. I used beads and glitterballs to make the swirl and yellow eyelets as well. 

So what are you waiting for ??
Your time starts now.. :D 
Also you can always drop in a mail or comment in case of any confusion. 
Hope you find it challenging and inspiring ...
its me signing off from my chilled computer room ..with frozen fingers ..
Best of luck and best of times..
sayounara :)


  1. thankyou for posting such beautiful comments for us kalindi :) we loved what u had to say :) I totally enjoy ur card which i agree is totally diff from ur style i love the insertions in shoe lace style seems very catchy :)

  2. How does one link here .my card is ready.

  3. here is the link to my card which I created for the current challenge here.
    please have a look

  4. hi snehal thanks for entering :)
    I just added ur card to the linky :)

  5. Wao! All the DT cards are so stunning and a fab challenge.. got my head scratching...

  6. I love the work. This is the first time i am taking part in some challenge..Keeping my fingers crosses :)

  7. Interesting Callenge. So how often does your challenge happen in here? is it once a month or twice ? JUst so that I know....

  8. Its 2wice a week :)
    1-15th and 16- 30 /31

  9. Hi Pooja..All the DT inspirations are awesome..I have entered my card for your challenge .

  10. thanks alot poornima :)
    glad to have u


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