Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BGC#49 - Grown with Love!

BGC#49 - Grown With Love!
Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well.
A big Thank you to everyone who played along our last challenge :)
Its the start of April and I am here to present a new challenge.
As April is the national garden month, let us get inspired by this month and honor it
by creating projects with garden themes.
Given below are the challenge specifications. Hope you all enjoy!!!

BGC#49 - Grown With Love!

Challenge Specifications:
1.  You can make a card, layout or a 3D project inspired by the above picture.
2.  Your project must have at least 2 colors from the above picture.
3.  You must include one element inspired by Garden which could be anything like flowers,  trees,                   butterflies, dragonflies etc. as long as it is related to garden.
4.   Deadline to submit will be - 15th April 2014 until 11:55 PM IST

We would love to welcome our Sponsor:


The winner will receive:

and One

For this challenge I decided to make an explosion box with butterflies flying out when you lift the lid. I attached the butterflies with acetate.

The box is made from a cut file and is covered with patterned papers. The green background on each panel is made with stamping, inking and heat embossing to give it a garden look.
The butterflies have been glued to acetate which is then inserted through slits on the base of the box.

Below is the closed box waiting to be opened. 

Here is another pic with two panels down.

I have chosen the colors green, red and pink from the picture and my ‘one element’ from the garden is ofcourse butterflies :)

I hope you like my project so do join the Fun :)



  1. I have been looking forward to your challenge and You got me again with this cool one.Racking my brains now.Wonderful inspiration by Zubmomi

  2. Awesome inspiration and the challenge!

  3. awesome challenge!!! loved ur creation

  4. Stunning box!! great idea to use acetate for flying butterflies.
    I would love to participate :)

  5. Gorgeous explosion box..lovely theme for the challenge

  6. Love nature inspired themes...that's a lovely box too!

  7. Absolutely in love with the explosion box! Love the colours and the PP used. Thank you team foe the fabulous opportunity to participate in the challenge.

  8. Wonderful challenge..I loved you explosion box !

  9. Wonderful challenge and inspiration project.Love the pattern papers you used.I hope I get to participate this time.

  10. what a lovely explosion box zubi !
    I really love the colors u picked ! :)

  11. inspiring challenge, will make an attempt this time

  12. Beautiful exploding box. I should try to make one. :-)

  13. This is WOW. Awesome, awesome explosion box.

  14. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Really happy that you like this box :)

  15. Great challenge!!! I am IN this time...

  16. Beautiful and colourful challenge...lovely work

  17. Such a beautiful inspiration picture, thanks so much for the challenge :)

  18. Hello!! I wanted to link up my entry for this challenge...But it got closed :( guess before 12pm IST

  19. hi!!! I was not able to link up my entry for this challenge :(..It got closed before i could...here is my link for the challenge...


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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