Saturday, February 16, 2013

BGC # 25 : Oodles of Doodles...

I'm sticking with you coz I'm made out of glue... ;)
Oh well...thats the reassurance I give to my blog friends..and to myself every time I do this vanishing spell..but I have a solid reason this time!!
Anyway thats that...what do we have here??? 

 "Oooodles of Dooodles..." don't count the O's draw them. 
Ahaan...thats the challenge..and whats a challenge if it is not challenging enough right ??
Pull out your pens, pencils, markers, crayons and show us the doodles..
Never did it ?
No worries my lovely people ...
If you can write can doodle !!
If you cannot write ...well then still can doodle..!!
All I am up with something doodled...since I love saying doodles.. :D

What do we have here for you ?? :O

Yeah ...its a lucky boom ...right ?
The winner shall be duly rewarded by WHIMSY STAMPS.. 

Who are the sponsors for this challenge. 
Delicious right ??

What did the girls do ?? They doodled in oodles..
(try saying doodle in oodles five times :P fast enough) LOL ..Don't ..! just look at what the girls came up with.. 

Then she asks will this do?. We say this is some "real" doodling. Just two colours...and you have a perfect example of doodling ..
Think you can manage it now ?? 
Bren did a great job at it and the layout looks depicts the kindergarten with some child-like innocence..and scribbling. I love the "Riley"..

You need to hop over to her or request her to give you a tute on how she created this extremely playful background and the handwritten sentiment. Its so simple to look at but notice the symmetry in the asymmetrical hearts. Its fun, its simple, its mass-producible, its classy, its sophisticated and its made by Ebba... :) what more ..? 

Not just doodling but some fine fussy cutting were involved in the making of this cute card,  what more, even the sentiment is hand-written. The lone cloud adds to the adorability of the card :)...its raining love..

Oh Dear...I would break my neck if I ever try this fine doodling. I mean it takes hell lotta nerve and patience to draw the equidistant curves and also make them look gorgeous. Then add some dazzle with rhinestones and you can make waves in the crafting world ..ehh? :P 
Perfection Poo ..

 Thats some tree...the doodle adds the charm, the context, the shelter and even lures the audience!
You rock Snehal...with the imagination you have.. its an exquisite card and I love the stamping in between. Extremely loveable. 

Who did'nt know what to she poured her heart out with a henna design! 


Well....we are waiting for her :) 
Dude...I am bowled over to see this card. Lord..I am simply amazed at it.
The colour combination is striking but what I love the most is the doodling. I simply adore the focal image and to say it is doodled..well!!
People thats what we mean when we say "oodles of doodles" :D

Anyway let's just say ...this is either the simplest of all challenges or its the worst of the lot ..but YOU GOTTA PLAY IT TO KNOW IT ....
Pour in your entries. 
Spread the something about the ooodles of doodles....or doodle in oodles :P



  1. Awesome inspiration by DT and you are not at all lousy Kalindi...your paisley is awesome.You rock at those paisley patterns

  2. Wao!...I am simply amazed by the beautiful line up of inspiration by the DT's...Each one of you has done such a unique work ..Really loved it! :)

  3. Hi I have just posted my entry...:)just had fun doing this card....

  4. what a fun challenge !! & lovely inspirations from DT..:)

  5. Hi i want to play along but cannot find the inlinks ...kindly guide.

    1. Hi Triza
      The inlikz is just above the comments section just at the end of the post.

    2. Hi PJ,
      I dont think the inlinkz button is visible to all the bloggers. Even i cannot view it. I guess google+ bloggers cant view it...Not sure though

  6. All DTs works are beautiful. Lousy work is classic

  7. Hi i searched but couldn't find...may be its not showing for me ....some problem...but i really really want to play i am attaching the link in this comment section.but i would be keep checking inbetween.

  8. Hey triza I can add it for you but can u please send me your email address at
    the linky needs it to finish the form.
    Im not sure what the prob is with the linky but i think it wont work from a phone . But im sure there is some technical glitch here.


Thankyou!! Appreciate your comments!

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